Delight-O-Meter: An Innovation in Measuring Customer Delight

Delight O Meter reveal from DelightabilitySo how do you know if you are delighting customers? Is there something more effective than the revenue yardstick or monitoring what people say on social networking? Customer satisfaction surveys don’t seem to work; people say they are satisfied and then leave anyway.

It turns out that most organizations don’t know if they are delighting customers. For those that do, they still lack a systematic framework to manage delight. Customer delight is not customer satisfaction plus some, nor is it just having a positive Net Promoter Score.

I’ve asked plenty of clients and non clients across industries and disciplines,

“What is it that makes some customer experiences truly delightful while others pale in comparison?”

The answers streamed in from LinkedIn as well as others and we’ve examined the findings. It turns out the recipe for delighting customers is revealing. We’d like to share that recipe and the new Delight-O-Meter with you in the May issue of What’s Next.

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