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Recipes for Creating Happier Customers and Healthier Organizations

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Many people, probably yourself included, feel that experiences are important. But, too often in organizations, getting on the same page with what a experience even is can be daunting, let alone charting a path to design and deliver better ones. Add to that, the complexity of serving multiple stakeholders in a competitive environment with seemingly little customer loyalty.

You can’t deliver more remarkable experiences without having a healthy innovation culture. This book is a fusion of both.

As revealed in the book, it isn’t that hard to create happier customers and build a healthier organization along the way. True, you might have to abandoned some biases and outdated thinking. You’ll look at situations with new eyes. There are 56 recipes, 78 images, and 25 examples from many industries to inspire you. Click the image below for a book summary. Or, read the reviews on Amazon.

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