Hi there. Welcome to delightability. My name is Greg Olson and I have a simple philosophy, We all have the potential to do better, as individuals, organizations, and even the world community. But, sometimes we need a little help.

Scroll down to learn more about me. Scroll down, even further to find freebies that you can apply to your organization. In my blog I share ideas, insights, ask questions, and sometimes vent.

What I Do

I serve as a fractional chief marketing officer, helping clients set strategy and decide “what” to do in order to improve and grow their businesses. As a business owner, founder, entrepreneur, board member, author, speaker, and systems thinker, I pull from experiences that are not solely “marketing.” Clients often refer to me as a business and marketing consultant.

My company, Delightability, LLC. aka delightability, also serves clients as the marketing department or go-to resource for brand development, communications, creative services, digital marketing, and audience development. I do much of my work in concert with the JUG Team Marketing Alliance.  Our strategic and creative services can work independently or alongside talent you already have in place.



Need a clear path forward? I have a track record of getting entrepreneurs and organizations unstuck.  While each industry and business landscape is unique, human behavior and patterns are less so. With me on your extended team you’ll make a bigger impact.

What the payoff? New business opportunities, remarkable products and services, increased revenue, more audience engagement, heightened company value, and longevity. Suggested reading: Your Brand Matters.  Visit Freebies you can use in your organization today. See our Capabilities. When you are ready to talk, Get in Touch.


Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Chief Marketer Resources

Use the chief marketer resources on this page to make a bigger impact in your organization. This is a collection of resources I often share with clients in our work together. Whether you are the chief executive, business owner, board member, startup entrepreneur, department manager or the new kid on the block, these tools will help you spark better conversations and make a larger impact together.

Use one or use them all. Master these dozen items and you’ll be the master of your universe. Get others on board and together you’ll be an unstoppable force.

If you see something that piques your interest, click the image to reach the full article. Enjoy and please share with others. Contact me with any questions or comments, or if you wish to explore working together.

Be Disciplined

Produce Ideas

Improve Habits

Gain Feedback

Think Better

Discuss Future

Use Leverage

Explore Issues

Map Journeys

Apply Lenses

Choose Wisely

Keep Promises



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