Our Work

The Why Behind Our Work

We are extenders, builders, creators, and makers. We’re focused on building value, communicating value, and creating something from nothing or where there is a modest beginning that needs a nudge. We think your customers care about your purpose, so naturally we do as well. After all, we are customers, too. We are also citizens, voters, members, investors, volunteers, advocates, patients, and a host of other labels as well. We recognize that you are all of those things, too. It’s also why you already know that customer experiences matter, no matter the label we subsitute for customer.

“He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.” – Seneca

Patterns in Our Work

We all have the potential to do better, as individuals, organizations, and even the global community. But, sometimes we need a little help. All of the work we do at Delightability revolves around helping for-profit and nonprofit clients to reach their potential. Through a combination of business coaching, consulting and well defined and executed projects our clients are able to deliver more remarkable experiences, tell better stories, and build community. And that means making a bigger impact with their customers and in the world. When we help our clients make a bigger impact in the world, we’ve succeeded at the highest level. Patterns in our work with clients include:

  • Unsticking the sales funnel
  • Building an innovation culture
  • Engaging employees and partners
  • Product launch and go to market planning
  • Creating more delightful customer experiences
  • Energizing a sleepy brand; creating new brands
  • Implementing internal change programs that stick
  • Designing and delivering more relevant communications
  • Building a brand that matters through loyalty and advocacy

The World of Work Has Changed

I’m going to repeat that headline with an added clarifier. The world of work has changed, and it’s not coming back. We have reached a new economic reality. Workers now have more assignments throughout their working lives than ever before and many of those assignments are being performed in a capacity other than, as an employee. The related economic reality is that more employers are increasingly dependent on people that are not employees of the firm, today and in the future. This is true, whether the organization is a for-profit enterprise, nonprofit, or government. This is an area further explored in Chapter 14 of The Experience Design Blueprint: Recipes for Creating Happier Customers and Healthier Organizations. Some of the forces that are shaping the world of work that has changed and the related economic reality are in the presentation that follows.

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